Today one of the development objectives that we set ourselves as a company for this 2020 is being realized. Through our new OCEANO print we will generate a permanent donation to different foundations that work on the repair of our ecosystems and we begin with The Oceans Cleanup! The brilliant initiative of Boyan Slat that is carrying out the largest ocean cleanup in history.

When we started developing EnvuelBee in 2017, we defined as a fundamental axis that our contribution to the environment was concrete, tangible and measurable. From our first sale onwards, we have kept track of the number of meters of plastic film that have been replaced, thanks to the use of our reusable wrappers.

We are proud to share that since our inception, and until September 30 of this year, we have replaced 174,517 square meters of plastic film, avoiding extra waste in our ecosystem.

This number that grows day by day fills us with motivation to continue our crusade and to continue transmitting that the small changes that we can incorporate into our daily lives do make a difference!

Today we want to take a step beyond the call for conscious consumption, contributing not only to the incorporation of more sustainable habits, but also to the repair of landscapes that have been damaged by the indiscriminate use of disposables and plastics in our natural environment.

Through the sale of products with OCEANS print, we will generate a donation that will contribute directly to different foundations that work on the recovery of ecosystems and cleaning the environments most affected by plastic.

From today until the end of December, 50% of the profits from these products will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization that is developing advanced technologies to eliminate plastics from the ocean and rivers.

Our commitment to the planet is total.

We invite you to be part of this initiative and contribute through your purchase to this great organization!

Check the website of The Ocean Cleanup for more information: www.